Audio Sermon Clips

These are recordings of the sermons preached druing an ESCF services.

They are made available for personal private use only. They may not be broadcast, recorded, streamed or otherwise retransmitted in any fashion. The recordings are and remain the property of the ESCF.

Preacher Theme Link
26 July '20 Rev R. Purce Hope mp3 33mb
02 Aug '20 Tommy Masters Name mp3 56mb
16 Aug '20 Rev R. Purce Seeing is Believing mp3
23 Aug '20 Rev R. Jones Binding & Loosing mp3
06 Sept '20 Anthony Jenner Discipline mp3
13 Sept '20 Rev R. Purce Handling Hurt mp3
20 Sept '20 K. Appleyard mp3
27 Sept '20 J. Roose Awake mp3
11 Oct '20 Rev R. Hutchings God as Creator mp3
18 Oct '20 R. Lloyd Knowing about God mp3