About Us

Founded in 2007 by a group of expatriate British residents, ESCF is a fellowship which invites all Christians to worship and share in other activities at 19 rue du Stade, in Homps. The group is multi-national and multi-denominational; the common link being language, faith and fellowship; our members and friends come from not just France, but the UK, Germany, Australia and the USA.

The ESCF is registered as an association under French law and is an autonomous self governing body. The AGM elects a Council which is responsible for every aspect of the association. At the first meeting after the AGM the Council elects its officers, President, Secretary and Treasurer, to undertake the legal functions of the association. The Council is responsible for all aspects of the ESCF although it has created various teams to look after specific tasks, these may be changed or reorganised from time to time as needs dictate.

ESCF has a programme of social and fund raising events throughout the year, both for members and the local community.

We invite you to make contact by email or simply drop in to one of our services or activities. Our entrance is opposite the Mairie, and is well signed throughout the village.