Organisation of the ESCF

The ESCF is registered as an association under French law and is an autonomous self governing body. The AGM elects a Council which is responsible for every aspect of the association. At the first meeting after the AGM the Council elects its officers, President, Secretary and Treasurer, to undertake the legal functions of the association. Various teams look after specific tasks.

The Worship Team is appointed to look after the scheduling, leadership and administration of worship throughout the year.
Contact Caroline Gorst:

The Pastoral & Outreach Team is an important part of the Church’s ministry; following Christ’s call to “love one another” and to “love our neighbour”, it responds to people’s needs within the church family and the community. The team members are all qualified in some aspect of care,
support or counselling. Pastoral care includes visiting and supporting, in whatever way we can, those who are going through difficult times, or who simply need a listening ear. The team also holds occasional events such as workshops or seminars to cover specific topics of interest.
Contact Jan Letchford: for more information or a chat.

The Social Team looks after social and fund raising events for ESCF. Contact Valerie Lewin: with any ideas or comments.

The Housekeeping Team looks after all the little inconveniences in life to ensure ESCF runs smoothly. If you see anything that has run out or needs attention please contact Valerie Lewin:

The Building Management team looks after all aspects of the maintenance and upkeep of the building.
Contact Nigel Grice:, or John Barber