~ From Jonathan Partridge - 2/2/2017 ~


Hi All

JP here.

Firstly many thanks for all your thoughts and prayers for us, they are very much appreciated.

I thought I would give you an update of my latest Chemo (4th) and situation with my bloods.

As you know last week my bloods dropped slightly below normal for the first time, this is apparently to be expected as the recovery time between big Chemos's I’m having is only 2 weeks instead of 3 as usual.

In the past my blood levels have always jumped up by 0.5 so this week they should have jumped from 2.8 to 3.3 and 0.8 to 1.3. This would have put me just above normal again.

On Tuesday night when I was praying about my levels I decided to ask God for a mega jump just so that he could demonstrate the power of prayer and his hand in the matter.

On Wednesday morning when I went in for treatment I received my bloods as normal. The 2.8 had risen to 5.1 and the 0.8 had risen to 3.0

What an answer to prayer, especially when I consider that these levels are higher than when I started chemo in the first place!

Even the nurse commented that I must have some really good bone marrow!

So thank you all again,

Love to all




~ From Anthony & Maryan Jenner - 17/2/2017 ~


Dear David and Sheila,


Thank you so much for your birthday and anniversary good wishes. We have completed our tour of New Zealand and are now with our friends in Perth for a couple of weeks.


We have been looking at the weather forecast in Pepieux and our garden neighbours there have sent us pictures of our saturated garden so just to make you jealous below is the birthday boy today with feet in our friends' pool that is like a beautifully warm bath. Temperatures today in mid 30s and when we travel north for a few days into the desert it will be even hotter. Our friends think we are quite mad going even though we can explore the fauna and flora of two of the national parks up there.


Back in UK on 1st of March and we are really looking forward to coming back to France ON 20th March. We have been away from France for too long and are seriously missing our little house and need to make sure it survived the bad weather undamaged.


Thank you so much for taking the time to send me the card. See you soon.

From: Patti Partridge  - 24/5/2017


Dear friends


An extract of an email received from Beverley.  Thank you all for your love, support and prayers.

It looks like being a busy few months for Jonnie and co!


Dear Family and Friends,


Finally we have some great news. Jonathan went to Birmingham on the 28th April for a liver scan and we heard nothing until Saturday 20th May when he had a letter from Birmingham Hospital inviting him to an appointment this Friday 26th May also there was a letter from Shrewsbury asking Jonathan to attend a meeting on Tuesday 23rd. We thought it was a routine chat about how we are finding things but it was anything but:


There had been a multi disciplinary team meeting all the scans and results have been analysed and this is their plan for Jonathan.

1. The primary tumour in the colon has shrunk by 75%

2. There are four areas within the liver that have been affected, they have significantly shrunk  and Birmingham want to

     operate to remove them.

3.  A part of the tumour in the bowel is touching the margin of other structures so they want him to have 5 weeks of

     radiotherapy (there is a 40% chance of the cancer returning if he does not have  radiotherapy) then they will operate

     to remove the cancer.

4. Wednesday 24th May is to be his last chemo session although it was touch and go as his palette count was too low

    last night but this morning when they retook blood they had risen enough for it to go ahead.

5. On  June 12th he will begin 5.5 weeks of radiotherapy which they plan to finish on July 14th. It will be every week day

    Monday to Friday and takes half a day.

6. He will have 2 weeks rest to recover from the severe side effects of such treatment and then at the start of August he

     will have liver surgery at Birmingham.

7. End of Sept / October he will have colon surgery at Shrewsbury.


                        His status has gone from palliative to restorative.


8. We have to go to Birmingham on Friday 26th  to discuss the liver operation and timings as the two hospitals have to

     agree the plan of action.


Although we still face huge obstacles and anything can go wrong at any stage, it is a huge positive step in the right direction. I see this journey as a road and each time we face results, it’s like the road forks into two, one road is positive and results in him returning to the Land of the Living, the other fork does not. Every time we have taken the fork that leads to life and restoration. Praise God.

We are so grateful for the amazing support, thank you so much but I also have to acknowledge the support, love  and care that our Heavenly Father has given us and so far everything he has said has come to pass.


With much love



From: Patti Partridge  - 17/8/2017


Hello everyone

We are delighted to be able to pass on this good news to you. We are going to Newport tonight so hope to be able to see Jonnie for a few minutes tomorrow.

Thank you so much for your love and support




From: Beverley Partridge [

Subject: Surgery update 17/8/17


Dear friends and family,


Sorry this update is slightly later than you may have been expecting. Jonathan didn’t go down to the theatres until 1pm, because of problems finding a bed for him in intensive care.


Beverley and Joe are travelling down to see Jonathan now. We have just heard from the hospital that he is out of surgery, and in recovery. Beverley got a call from the doctor looking after him, who said the operation had gone well. She was also able to speak to Jonathan- he sounded ok, though pretty groggy.


They are hoping to be able to see him this evening, and we’ll keep you all updated.


Thank you for keeping him in your thoughts and prayers on this stressful day, and for all the lovely messages,


Lucy and Ben