Update Week of 4th June 2018


Amendment of ESCF statutes.  Following the email vote, the amended statutes were accepted unanimously by all those who voted, representing 74% of the membership. Thank you to all the members who took part in this.



Update Week of 28th May 2018

Members: Nigel (Grice) is currently in the UK supporting his father, as his mother fell and broke her hip during the week. She is progressing well physically.


Pentecost weekend: The workshop on Saturday - ‘Experiencing the Holy Spirit’ proved challenging and thought-provoking. The service for Pentecost Sunday was different and enjoyable, and the weekend was topped off by a praise and worship time with Jan Roose and his family in Cantignerques. A wonderful time of fellowship was had by all and we discovered that Jan’s daughter Miriam has a beautiful voice and a true gift for leading worship. Thank you to all who came to these events and contributed, and a special thanks to Sue and Chris Monckton-Rickett, who led the workshop and Sunday Service, and to Jan and his family.



Update Week 14th May 2018

Members: At the service today we welcomed a new member, Pearl Casteleyn. She has been known to some of us for some time through other organisations. Welcome Pearl!


Church friends: With us today were the new Mr and Mrs Evans, congratulations on your marriage Seibatu and Julian!


Fundraising: The fundraising talent challenge for May continues – what is your talent? How are you using it?



Update Week 7th May 2018

Faith Lunch:

A very pleasant Faith Lunch and time of fellowship was held today following our service as a celebration of our 11th anniversary. Thank you to all those who contributed the delicious food and to everyone who helped clear up afterwards.


We were delighted that Barry and Patti Partridge were with us this morning, with their friends. They are here until 21st May so we look forward to seeing them at the service next Sunday.


Church friends:

Peter Snow sent this update on his preparation for his night time London bike ride: All is going well with my training for Nightrider on 9 June.  I managed a non-stop 25 kilometres this morning (Thursday) despite the strong wind for the outward 12.5 kilometres, and altogether did 50 kilometres during the day on Monday last.  I am feeling quietly confident that I will be able to complete the 50 kilometre course on the night, although I have not ridden in the rain yet.

Fund-raising is also going well, and as I write this on Thursday evening, the figure stands at £1,713 with one or two more promised donations to come.  If any of your members wish to contribute, and have not yet done so, there is time to do so by contacting me on 04 68 49 43 47 or email on peter.snow@orange.fr

Next Thursday, I will be in London and I will be paying in all of the outstanding funds that I have received; hence if anybody who is contributing can let me have their donations beforehand, I can pay them in when I visit Mission to Seafarers on Friday morning.

Please would you convey my heartfelt thanks to all those who have contributed?  You are an awesome group.



The clothes sale last Friday raised 141 euros. Thank you to all who supported this.




Update Week 30th April 2018


• On Monday we received this update from Barry Webster about Lynda’s son Trevor:  “Lynda visited Trevor this afternoon and said he seems to be recovering nicely from the op. He's even complaining he is not getting enough attention because all the other folks around him are older and recovering from strokes and the like. We felt that in itself was a good sign!

All being well, we're hoping he can go home on Tuesday.”

• Rosie is now in a rehabilitation facility near Toulouse and expects to be there for another two weeks.

• Judith has changed her plans because of the accident and is now in France staying with a friend near Nantes. She is starting back on Monday and hopes to be home on Tuesday 1st May.

• This week Jonnie Partridge’s family sent an update. When he visited the oncologist on 23rd April, the Oncologist stressed that the aim is to control the cancer, not cure it. As long as he continues with the weekly round of chemotherapy then it would appear the cancer is stable; he does not have a long-term option of coming off chemotherapy. Patti reported that “Jonnie’s tumour doesn’t appear to be growing and Jonnie will be ok for a few weeks to have his reconstruction op and a little time to recover. When I spoke to him yesterday, he was still a little upbeat and delighted that he had cycled 45 miles with some biker friends on Sunday and had come home and jet washed the drive.”


Church friends:

Sadly, Val Dalglish will not be with us in June as she had hoped but will be back in the autumn staying in Siran. She sends her love to all her ESCF friends.


Our Lent Lunches raised €152.80 for Action Contre le Faim.

Thank you to all who supported the lunches.


The fundraising talent challenge for May was launched at the service on Sunday. The object is to fund essential maintenance and repairs on the ESCF building. In particular the store room window, which is in such bad repair that it cannot be touched because it may fall out. All church members who were at the service received an envelope. For those resident members who were not at the service, Valerie has an envelope for you to collect. Non-resident members not at the service will receive an e-mail from Dennis explaining the challenge for them.



 This Sunday, we were blessed to have six Dutch visitors worshipping with us, and we had the experience of saying the Lord’s Prayer together in our own languages – an echo of Acts chapter 2? They are a group staying with Tamarisk Villages at Cantignergues (the village that Jan Roose manages) for the week.



January 2018


January was a busy month and seemed to come and go very quickly. On the second Sunday we held  our annual Covenant Service, focusing on the blessings we have received from the Lord and how we may respond to this out-pooring of grace.



On Sunday January 28th ESCF held its Assemblée Générale Annuelle or as we more commonly know it our AGM. Reports on the activities of the year and a financial statement were presented. The meeting then elected a new council - Dennis Lewin, Jan Letchford, Nigel Grice, Yvonne Bester, Sheila Brown,  Fran McCarthy, Liz Grice, Valerie Lewin, Sjraar van Enckevort.  The meeting closed in prayer and was followed by a Faith lunch.


At a subsequent council meeting Dennis Lewin was elected President, Liz Grice Secretary and Fran McCarthy Treasurer.



On the social side, January was a quiet month, as many people are away visiting etc., the only event being our monthly Quiz on the last Friday of the month.