November / December 2017


November’s events began with our monthly afternoon tea and clothes sale, and was followed by our annual Armistice Day parade, where as in former years we laid a wreath alongside that of the Mayor and Council of Homps.

This was the day before our own Remembrance Sunday service on November 12th when we were lucky enough to have a bagpiper player to enhance our service.


Later in the month, as our President and his wife who are American, and the Social team hosted a thanksgiving Dinner, as a fund raiser.  Places were limited to 30 people and it was quickly oversubscribed. The menu was a traditional one of turkey as the main dish and pumpkin pie as the dessert, and the whole evening was much enjoyed by those taking part.


The following night was our usual monthly quiz, once again with a full complement of participants.


December 1st saw the usual afternoon tea and clothes sale, and was followed two days later by our Chapel Anniversary, our fifth in the present building, with the Advent Sunday service being followed by a Faith lunch. This more or less concluded our social activities for the year, but we held our usual Festival of Nine Lessons and Carols the week before Christmas, and there was a shortened Communion service on Christmas Morning,


In the week after Christmas our Pastoral team invited anyone feeling lonely or at a loose end to come to chapel for a “brew and natter” and the year ended on Sunday December 31st with  morning worship, though our congregation was severely depleted by illness and some members being away visiting family etc.



October 2017


October was a “five Sunday” month and all our speakers were from within our own fellowship. Socially the highlight of the month was a Curry Night, organized and cooked for us by one of our married couple members, and very much appreciated by all who attended.

Afternoon tea and clothes sale on the first Friday of the month was followed by our usual monthly quiz on the last Friday evening - the questions were cleverly constructed around events of  50 years ago, including events in France were quite taxing for us ex-pats.

Attendances on Sunday have been holding up well, despite most of our non-resident members having returned home to various parts of the United Kingdom. The year seems to have moved on swiftly and we shall soon be into the season Advent and Christmas.



September 2017


The schools have gone back, the tourists have all gone home - well not quite but almost. We welcomed many familiar faces and some new ones too at our four Sunday morning services, where we averaged around 30 each week. Coffee and cake or biscuits (sometimes both) always follow worship so there is plenty of time for chatting and catching up on news.

Our clothes sale in September had on offer a different range of clothing, to better fit the colder months, and Sue is always looking for “new” clothes to add to the collection.

The quiz night lived up to its reputation of good fun, this months being put together by  our President and his wife, who are American, so there was a decidedly different twist!! It even needed two tie-break questions before a winner could be declared.

Our worship  included our Harvest Festival, when we followed the service with a Faith lunch, and the following day the harvest  gifts were taken to Resto du Coeur in Carcassonne.