Ron now only needs to see his Consultant every 3 months as the tumour is now smaller than his small finger nail and his steroids have been reduced from 2mg every day to 5 every other day so although he didn’t really put a lot of weight on apart from on his waist he is now back to normal, even wearing his own shoes which he couldn’t for six months.


Sheila would have been proud of me as I took his buttons off his trousers and put them on black elastic before stitching them back on. I had to buy him shoes with Velcro straps but they did the job.


The stroke side is improving slowly. He now sees a private physiotherapist  who is working on his right leg. As he explained to us it is very unlikely that you get movement back in both leg and arm so best to work just on one. Ron can walk on a frame from the bedroom to the lounge with me behind him in case he gets unsteady but he can move around the house in a chair himself using his good leg to move. He can shave and shower  and of course go to the loo (thank goodness) but I help him dress with his approval of course (of what he wears...)!

After being told we would need nurses four times a day and seeing and doing with them twice in September, we agreed we didn’t need them anymore which is great having the day to ourselves again. We do go out a lot especially over the summer months but still manage a couple of times a week discovering our area and even into Wales. Yesterday with friends we visited Chatsworth  House.  Ron wasn’t too keen on going as it was a long day but after an hour he said a few times I am really enjoying this. The theme this year was scenes from The Nutcracker.

This year we have even managed 3 holidays one to Center Parcs Nottingham, one to Llangollen even hiring a canal boat for the day with family. Ron even got on board as it had a lift and only 3 weeks ago we went to London for four days meeting our daughter there. We did all the tourist bits but the highlight was having afternoon tea up The Shard.


We really hope we can make it over to visit you all next year. Blessings and good wishes to you all.



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